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EU-Turkey relations at standstills

875,000 people, almost a third of the 3 million people residing in north-west of Syria, have now been displaced since December 1st, adding to the 180,000 Syrian civilians already displaced from northern Syria to Raqqa and Hasakeh governorates, in the aftermath of the third Turkish cross-border operations in northeastern Syria from October to November 2019, despite multiple ceasefires. The situation in northern Syria has been highly critical, from the east to the west part since the beginning of two military operations. Among the continuing air and ground-based strikes, the deteriorating food security, the inflation in food prices caused by the closure of main roads of assistance coupled with the lack of shelters and the ongoing winterization, the situation is “likely to turn catastrophic” according to multiple UN-led organizations.

Revue de presse du 10 au 16 février 2020

L’Agence européenne de l’environnement brosse un portrait alarmant sur les conséquences du changement climatique en Europe. L’Agence européenne de l’environnement projette, dans un rapport publié le lundi 10 février 2020, que les conséquences du changement climatique s’aggraveront et seront de plus en plus fréquentes durant le siècle. Ces projections sont réalisées en imaginant que les…
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Is Brexit done? What’s next for the EU and the UK

During the year , the UK – still temporarily subject to EU law – and the EU will negotiate the terms of their future relations. The task that they will be facing seems therefore extremely complex especially since the UK wishes to wrap this thing up in only 11 months in order to move forward.