Étiquette : #History

EhT Conference: EU-Turkey Relations and the Kurdish Issue

Conference organized by European Horizons Toulouse in collaboration with the European School of Law and TESLA.
Featuring Benjamin Gourisse, French academic at Sciences Po Toulouse, expert of Turkey, and Jean-Christophe Sellin, regional advisor and International Secretary of the Parti de Gauche, just returned from the Congress of the HDP in Ankara.

Fact sheet: Isles, Dogs, and an Isle of Dogs

The famous movie « Isle of dogs » is based on a real Turkish story that, more than opening a window on the history of Istanbul, reflects the contradictions of the Turkish history. Going from the impact of the « orientalism » to the « modernity at stake », this fact sheet is a must read, and a way to shine in society.

Fact Sheet: Turkey and the Accession to the European Union

The history of the EU-Turkish relations around the accession procedure to the Union of Turkey, standstill, and state of the negociations.