Étiquette : #kurdistan

EhT Conference: EU-Turkey Relations and the Kurdish Issue

Conference organized by European Horizons Toulouse in collaboration with the European School of Law and TESLA.
Featuring Benjamin Gourisse, French academic at Sciences Po Toulouse, expert of Turkey, and Jean-Christophe Sellin, regional advisor and International Secretary of the Parti de Gauche, just returned from the Congress of the HDP in Ankara.

Conférence EHT : Relations turco-européennes et la question kurde

Conférence organisée par European Horizons Toulouse avec l’Ecole européenne de Droit et la TESLA, animée par Benjamin Gourisse, enseignant chercheur à Sciences Po Toulouse spécialiste de la Turquie, et Jean-Christophe Sellin, conseiller régional et Secrétaire international du Parti de Gauche, de retour à Ankara au congrès du HDP à Ankara.

Leyla Zana, tireless Kurdish activist

As the first Kurdish woman elected to the Turkish Parliament, Leyla Zana has grown from a poorly educated, forcibly married girl to a symbol of courage and hope for millions of Kurds. Threats, torture or prison, nothing has stopped her commitment to the recognition of Kurdish identity and unity between the Turkish and Kurdish peoples ».