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Is Brexit done? What’s next for the EU and the UK

During the year , the UK – still temporarily subject to EU law – and the EU will negotiate the terms of their future relations. The task that they will be facing seems therefore extremely complex especially since the UK wishes to wrap this thing up in only 11 months in order to move forward.

To what extent does Brexit fatally damage Neo-functionalism as a credible theory of European Integration?

CREDIT PHOTO: @The NewYorker (22/08/2018) Introduction : “Take Back Control” was the motto chosen by the “Leave” campaign for the referendum of 23th June 2016 in the United Kingdom (UK) : according to the result of the vote, it conveys several ideas : on one hand, the weight of the European Union (EU) became too…
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Brexit : À quand le dénouement ?

« Le Brexit bientôt reporté… jusqu’à la fin des temps », Credit Photo : @Courrier International (21/10/2019) L’annonce de la signature, jeudi 17 octobre, d’un accord entre le gouvernement britannique et l’Union européenne (UE) a fait souffler un vent d’optimisme au Royaume-Uni et à Bruxelles. En effet, ce texte, conclu après d’âpres négociations, permettait aux dirigeants européens…
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